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     Our company has been a family owned and operated business since 2007. Bruce has over 38 years of experience in the service business.  He has repaired everything from appliances and computers to televisions but specializes in appliances.

     We are dedicated to serving our customer's needs, and our goal is 100% customer satisfaction. We strive to bring you the best in quality service. If something isn't right, please let us know.

     Bruce and Holly are 34 year residents of Clayton.  They have both volunteered for Clayton Valley Little League and have a lot of friends in the community.  With both children having left the home they have more time to devote to their business.

The business owner.

Home Base.


Taken from Clayton Pioneer Newspaper June 2008:
     For 35 years, Bruce Linsenmeyer worked for a corporate repair service, where “the customer service got so bad that it wasn’t fun anymore.”
     So Bruce decided to do something about it. “Everyone talks customer service, but no one does it,” he says. “We figured we could do it better.”
     He and his wife Holly created Appliance Repairs by Bruce,based on the principles of customer service. Holly glows when she praises him: “He’s there when he says he’s going to be there.”
     Bruce is never at a loss for help. “A lot of my friends are independents, guys I’d worked with who left and started their own businesses.”
     Having a group of qualified professionals is handy when someone cannot solve the problem alone. “There are four of us – between us, that’s 120 years of experience.”
     Despite the changes in appliance technology, Bruce is not fazed. “When I started, I was doing deliveries and antenna installation, then I started doing television repairs and I had to learn electronics,” he recalls. “Ten years later, TVs weighed hundreds of pounds, so I started doing microwave ovens and dishwashers. But now, all the appliances are electronic, so I’m back to my roots.”
     His affinity for electronics benefits his customers. He keeps his laptop computer with him on calls. “Usually, when I leave the customer’s house, the part’s ordered. I don’t have to wait a couple days or research it.”
     While Bruce’s schedule is typically 8-5 Monday through Friday, he calls on weekends to schedule appointments. “They shouldn’t have to wait until Monday to hear from someone,” he notes.
     Holly’s work as the Clayton Little League secretary and her experience doing taxes with H&R Block prepared her for this venture. “I do the bookkeeping and the taxes. I answer all the phones and write up the work orders, but I let him do his own scheduling for when things are best for him,” she says. “When a call comes in and when he comes home, I log it all in. Once in awhile, I take parts to him or pick up parts.”
     They make an effective team. “I couldn’t let her retire if I had to keep working,” Bruce jokes. “And it takes two. I’ve got friends who have been doing this for a number of years and one of their complaints is that they spend so much time on the phone, even in the middle of jobs. I can concentrate on repairs. It’s been a real big help having someone to do all that stuff for me.”
     Holly enjoys the work. “It’s nice, when your kids grow up and leave, to have something in common to work on together.”
     With their children, grown and their two grandchildren a road trip away, their free time revolves around their dog, Zoe. “Our dog has taken the place of our children,” says Holly.

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